Bir Watching Tourism

Bird watching tourism – the fastest growing type of nature tourism

Statistics prove that bird watching tourism is the fastest growing type of nature tourism in the world, with top birding destinations in Asia being India, China and Thailand. There is an enormous niche for bird watching tourism in Sri Lanka.

Eco tourism and nature tours are becoming increasingly popular among all travelers, no matter the profession. Relaxing among nature seems to be the preferred stress buster for many individuals from all walks of life. There is a growing consciousness about the importance and the benefits of flora, fauna and ecosystems among the general populace, and this is reflected in the increased demand for tours and travels which highlight nature.

Biodiversity is an economic necessity for the success of tourism in any country. It is a matter of economics. No tourist wants to see a degraded landscape with no flora and fauna to speak of. Awareness among the community seems to be the key factor which can bring about sustainable conservation. If communities around a tourist attraction are given the direct benefits of the income and other services generated by tourists, then they themselves will take up the mandate to preserve the biodiversity of the region. Globally, $7 trillion are generated as income through tourism, and it accounts for one in 11 jobs anywhere in the world. Since eco-tourism now plays a significant role in attracting people from all over the globe, nature plays an important part in the quality package which is offered by a country to a tourist.

Sir Lanka being a tropical country which allows any king of species to survive as Sri Lanka has no extreme weather conditions in general.

Tour operators in Sri Lanka focuses on bird watching segment under wildlife, nature, special activity categories to attract the global travel community which interested in bird watching tourism.


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